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The employees‘ demands and the employers‘ requirements have changed. FRED understands how digitalization influences cultural transformation and sustainably changes the working world. We continuously optimize our search strategy, client service and candidate experience in order to match this development.

This includes that our advice does not stop after placement. Diagnosis, onboarding, coaching and culture development also are part of our tasks.


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We follow an advisory approach from which both the customer and the candidate equally profit. Our communication is authentic, our processes are transparent, and our team is well attuned. Of course we abide by the high requirements of discretion and data protection.

We gladly leave the assessment of our performance to our customers and candidates:

Dear FREDs, Many thanks for the great support and advice last year! We wish you and your team all the best for the future.

Many thanks for the great and comprehensive support during the application process. I felt like I was in very good hands and went into the job interviews with much confidence.

Dear FREDs, Thank you for the very valuable cooperation. It is always very profitable for us. Your contribution is a valuable building block for the entire company.

Thank you so much for the commitment! FRED’s assistance made the application procedure much more pleasant and transparent for me!

We are happy to be FRED’s first client. For many years we have valued the competence and personality of the advisors. Your new setup is convincing and fits you perfectly.

FRED took over the entire communication with the potential employer, the appointment coordination, as well as the feedback sessions. Because of this the process was always transparent and also very discrete.

In fact a great thanks for the always great cooperation and many
small successes which we can celebrate at our place with every new hire. We are very satisfied with our candidates and now new colleagues.

You delivered the best and most detailed candidate reports. You provide
a good impression on the candidate. In so doing you surpass your competition. Please keep it up!

Your candidate was just here and signed!!! We are very happy about this! Again, thank you very much for your great work!